Sunday, March 4, 2007

Christ Church Scientist Parking Lot

Tell us what you think about forming a group to buy the Christ Church Scientist parking lot. What are your thoughts, concerns, and questions? Would you be willing to donate to a fund to purchase the lot?

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elowry said...

As a follow up to the question.

1. Currently, the Township does not have funding to purchase this lot for open space. They are purchasing several other parcels for parks/open space.

Will the Township be willing to provide funding in the future? We don't know at this point.

2. The developer, Mr. Scardino, indicated at our own civic meeting that he has not set a purchase price for the four lots that will be developed as part of this subdivision.

3. What about developing the lot into parking plus a pocket park plus two houses? Wouldn't this allow some development and help pay for the park and parking space? (Jean Wolf's thought)